Students must maintain progress toward graduation at the following credit levels at the conclusion of each semester of their high school career:

9th grade first semester- 5 credits earned
9th grade second semester- 11 credits earned
10th grade first semester- 17 credits earned
10th grade second semester- 24 credits earned
11th grade first semester- 29 credits earned
11th grade second semester- 34 credits earned
12th grade first semester- 39 credits earned

Special education students may be exempt from this policy. The case manager will make a recommendation to the Athletic Director regarding the student’s involvement in athletics/activities.

The student academic eligibility policy of Robbinsdale Area Schools requires that for a student to be eligible to participate in any co-curricular activity, the student must have had a passing grade (A, B, C, D or P) in 80 percent of the semester course in which the student was enrolled during the previous semester. At the end of each semester, the school's athletic office will screen the grades of all students who participate in co-curricular activities. First and third quarter grades will be checked as a warning to those students who are passing less than 80 percent of their courses. If an incomplete is not changed to a passing grade within three weeks after the semester, the incomplete changes to a no credit (NC).

A student who does not meet these minimum requirements may be placed on probation for no more than one semester during their high school career, and still be allowed to participate, provided that a contract between the student, parent and Athletic Director/Academic Advisor is developed and followed.

A student who is deemed ineligible may request to have his/her eligibility examined at the end of the next official progress report 5th week, 9th week and 14th week of the semester) at the discretion of the Athletic Director/designee.

Students who feel there are extenuating circumstances that affect their eligibility may request a hearing with the Appeals Board (The Principal, Athletic Director and the involved student -athletes’ guidance counselor).

Contact: John Oelfke